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Amplify Melanated Voices

Fempower Media is

dedicated to

amplifying the voices

of Black women 

through podcasting.

@blackandembodied said,


"It’s time to

pass the mic to

people that actually
need to be amplified

versus more privileged voices

advancing themselves

while oppressing others."

Fempower Media wants to

help more Black women 

share their voices

by providing them with

podcast launch consulting.

We created a

scholarship fund to give

Black women access

to our consulting so they

can share their voice on a

global platform.

Fempower Media will be

matching donations

up to $1,068.

Your donations &

Fempower Media's match

will provide at least

8 Black women

access to our podcast

consulting for free.

headphones 2.jpg

All donations provided

once we reach $1,068

will go directly towards

funding additional packages.

If you are looking for a way to

amplify melanated voices, please

consider donating and sharing.

Let's pass the mic

to people that actually

need to be amplified.

If you are a podcast host

or work in the podcast industry

and want to contribute to

the scholarship by providing

products and/or services,

please fill out our

support services form.


Thank you!

Thank you for supporting

our Black sisters.